Need a Precision Civil Engineering Firm to Handle Your Next Project Near Hudson, NY?

Creative Solutions

Crawford & Associates has professionals skilled in civil and environmental engineering who, along with our professional land surveyors, can provide both thoughtful analysis and innovative solutions for public and private civil land development projects of every size. Our civil engineering team is skilled in both the technical aspects and the regulatory aspects of your project and combine both skill sets to achieve every objective.

Our approach to land development is extremely hands on; we work with our clients from concept through design, permitting and construction, helping them choose the best land parcels for development along the way. All design work is completed in compliance with the regulations of the home state, the local municipality, and standard engineering practices. We pride ourselves on working effectively with diverse project teams to realize client goals and objectives.

We also integrate with our Mechanical/Electrical Engineering department for infrastructure development, including water and wastewater treatment and analysis of energy use and consumption. Additionally, our staff can incorporate green design elements into conventional engineering; and many of our staff members are LEED Accredited Professionals.

civil engineering/land development Services

Land Development and Site Planning

  • Master planning, site plans and subdivision layout

  • Road, water, wastewater and stormwater system layout

  • Wetland, stream crossing and other environmental permitting

  • Planning and Zoning Board project representation

  • SEQR compliance including EAF, Expanded EAF and EIS preparation

Wastewater Treatment Facility Design Services

  • Existing system analysis and improvement

  • New system treatment and collection system design

  • Regulatory permitting and compliance

  • Evaluation of treatment options

  • Wastewater characterization studies

Transportation / Traffic Services

  • Parking layout and design

  • Traffic count studies

  • Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Traffic Control Inventory (MUTCD)

  • Transportation Master Plans

  • Streetscape Enhancements

  • State and Local Highway Work Permits

Water Supply Evaluation and System Design and Improvement

  • Source (ground or surface) quality and quantity assessment

  • Assessment of water supply needs

  • Design of new water system including treatment, distribution and storage components

  • Assessment of existing water systems

  • Regulatory permitting and compliance

Stormwater System Design, Permitting and Compliance

  • Design of drainage system for new development

  • Analysis of existing drainage systems for adequacy to current and future conditions

  • SPDES permit compliance

  • SWPPP preparation and sampling

  • CSO separation and regulatory compliance

  • Resiliency analysis for climate change conditions

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