Looking for a Detail-Oriented Municipal Engineering Contractor Near Hudson, NY?

The C&A Difference

Throughout our organization’s history, Crawford & Associates has worked with municipal entities as their as-needed “municipal engineer” and on a per project basis.

We are proud of our long-standing relationships with our many municipal clients. We attribute this success to our emphasis on clear and frequent communications, strong advocacy for our clients, and our project delivery process that ensures that we meet our clients’ budget and schedule requirements. Additionally, we know how hard it is for municipal clients to find the resources to undertake projects that may be needed. We stay abreast of funding sources and can help conceptualize projects based on funds available. We specialize in developing cost effective, practical, and sometimes innovative solutions to our client’s needs.

Municipal Services

General Municipal Representation

  • Assistance to municipal planning and zoning boards

  • Site plan and subdivision reviews

  • Comprehensive and land use plan development

  • Zoning and subdivision regulations

  • Grant application assistance and administration

  • Environmental process/regulatory permitting

  • Building Code assistance

  • Code Enforcement

Transportation Engineering Services

  • Municipal highway construction specifications

  • Plan review and construction observation for new municipal roads

  • Roads, intersections, traffic signals, and bridges

  • Traffic volume and speed

Water, Wastewater, and Stormwater Services

  • Water, sewer and drainage district formation

  • Municipal water treatment and distribution systems

  • Wastewater treatment and collection systems

  • Stormwater drainage review, evaluation, design and SWPPP preparation

  • SWPPP inspection

Facilities Engineering Services

  • Structural, mechanical and electrical engineering

  • Building design and facility improvements

  • Highway garages and salt storage facilities

  • Fire stations

  • Energy studies and energy grant assistance

Land Planning and Site Design

  • Recreational facilities, parks, trailways and bikeways

  • Municipal recreation plans

  • Downtown and waterfront revitalization and streetscaping

  • Planning and zoning board review

Environmental Services

  • Phase I environmental site assessment for real property transfer

  • Brownfield site investigation, planning and remediation

  • Wetland delineation, permitting and mitigation

  • Environmental impact statements/assessments

  • Petroleum bulk storage tank closure investigation and remediation

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about our organization or if you would like to discuss an upcoming municipal engineering project with a local expert, please contact us today!