Solar Development Services

C&A specializes in engineering support for solar projects throughout New York, the northeast and mid-west. With in-house expertise in civil, electrical, mechanical, structural, environmental, and site planning services, C&A can handle most engineering needs from start to finish of a solar project.
Some of our solar development services include:

Site Assessment

  • Due diligence review of existing physical and legal site constraints
  • Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment
  • Supervision of test pits and geotechnical soils evaluation
  • Boundary and topographical surveying
  • Wetland delineation


  • Overall site planning services and acquisition of local/state permits
  • Representation and advocacy at public meetings
  • Visibility Simulations and Screening Design
  • Glare Analysis


  • Solar layout optimization with topographic grading, shading, pier and collision analysis
  • Energy modeling
  • Design of medium voltage electrical interconnection & coordination with utilities
  • Design of electrical PV array including automated generation of array cabling
  • Grading & drainage design and SWPPP preparation
  • Development of detailed civil and electrical construction drawings, details, and specifications
  • Cost estimating

Construction Support

  • Automated bill of materials generation
  • SWPPP inspections
  • Submittal review
  • Preparation of record drawings

Solar Development Team Leaders Andy Aubin, PE, LEED AP, Jen Crawford, PE, and Chris Knox, PE have the skills and experience to lead solar development projects from conception through construction. The team has extensive experience with municipal boards and the SEQR process, as three staff sit on their local Planning Boards. C&A has also managed NYS Article 10 application preparation for a 100MW solar facility and is well versed in the complexities of utility scale solar permitting. Jen has over 10 years’ experience in the solar industry, and the company’s solar design team has been/is involved with over 80 solar projects for a total of over 1,721 MW. Most of C&A’s portfolios have included projects in the 2 to 20 MW range, though the growing firm also supports a few 50 to 100MW solar facilities in development.

C&A’s solar engineering team is proficient in a suite of specialty design software that facilitate efficient and accurate layout optimization and yield analysis. Our PV-specific software capabilities include:

Layout Optimization

  • HelioScope (conceptual design)
  • PVCase add-on to AutoCAD Civil 3D (advanced design)


  • PVSyst (energy modeling)
  • NREL’s System Advisor Model (energy modeling)
  • ForgeSolar (glare analysis)

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