Mechanical / Electrical

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Innovative Design

The Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Engineers at Crawford & Associates are capable of developing innovative and energy efficient designs for our commercial, business, institutional, and light industrial clients. Many of our MEP Engineers also have construction and/or service trade experience in their fields, which often provides invaluable practical design and installation insight. Our engineers are well versed in New York State Plumbing, Mechanical, Fuel Gas, Energy Codes, NFPA and ASHRAE Standards, and the National Electric Code.

In addition to MEP design services, C&A can provide MEP system investigation, analysis and feasibility, code evaluation, and cost estimation services to assist our clients in developing their projects accurately and efficiently.

Mechanical Engineering

Heating & Cooling System Design and Analysis

  • Heating & Cooling Load Estimation

  • Heating & Cooling System Component Sizing

  • In Floor Panel & Overhead Radiant Heating System Design

  • Geothermal System Design

  • Building System Automation

Ventilation & Exhaust System Design and Analysis

  • Indoor Air Quality Assessment

  • Industrial Exhaust & Dust Collection

  • Commercial Kitchen Ventilation System Design

  • Energy Recovery Systems

Fire Sprinkler & Plumbing Design

  • Fire Sprinkler System Design & Analysis

  • Building Supply & Waste Plumbing Design & Analysis

  • Building Water Storage, Treatment & Conditioning Systems

New York State Energy Code Compliance Services

  • Compliance Certification

  • Plan Design Compliance Evaluation

  • Trade-off Designs for Historic & Residential Renovations

Electrical Engineering

Power Distribution Design and Analysis

  • Commercial, Industrial & Residential Designs

  • Single Line Diagrams

  • Panel Schedules

  • Load & Short Circuit Calculations

Lighting Design & Analysis

  • Interior & Exterior Luminaire Plans & Schedule

  • Lighting Circuiting & Controls

  • CAD Lighting Calculations w/ Luminaire

  • Specific Photometrics

Communications Design

  • Computer, Telephone, Intercom System Design

  • Fire & Security Alarm System Design

  • Signal Component Layouts & Riser Diagrams

Electrical Systems

  • Energy Auditing, Planning & Management

  • Custom Control System Designs & Ladder Diagrams

  • Safety & Code Compliance Investigations

  • Stand-by & Emergency Back-up Generator System

  • Design & Specification

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